The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) consists of two branches. The prosecution branch is led by a Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor along with additional Assistant Prosecutors. The investigative branch is led by the Captain of Prosecutor’s Detectives, who has overall command of the Bureau and reports directly to the Chief of Detectives. The investigative branch is staffed by a combination of detectives, sergeants and/or lieutenants.

The PSB is primarily responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all criminal misconduct involving police in Essex County and all Prosecutor’s Office employees. It also conducts activities to improve the administration and delivery of police internal affairs services on a countywide basis, including internal affairs training. Two clericals oversee all office operations and manage the records system and paralegal functions of the PSB. One of those employees also manages the clerical needs of the separate Corruption Unit.

When the PSB receives an allegation of criminal conduct committed by a sworn law enforcement officer, a decision is made about whether a criminal prosecution is warranted. When a criminal prosecution is warranted, the case is charged and resolved pre-indictment or presented to a Grand Jury. If an indictment is returned, the PSB is responsible for the case through the plea agreement or trial. In addition, PSB personnel investigate all non-fatal police shootings and pursuits with serious bodily injury to determine whether they comply with the guidelines and directives set forth by the New Jersey Attorney General. If there is a material, factual dispute regarding a police shooting, it is presented to a Grand Jury. All fatal police shootings are investigated by the Attorney General’s Office. Internal responsibilities for the PSB include, but are not limited to, random drug screening, investigation of violations of rules and regulations and risk analysis management.

A list of Law Enforcement Determinations and Directives issued by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General and the Essex County Prosecutor is available on this web site. PDF copies of these files can be opened from this list for viewing, printing or downloading.

2023 Internal Affairs County Summary – ECPO Appendix K 2023

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