We take external complaints seriously and understand that public trust and participation are an integral part of policing in our society. The complaint process should not be an inconvenient or overwhelming task. We accept complaints in-person, by phone, or letter or webform. If you cannot come to us, we can come to a location suitable for you.

We accept anonymous complaints, third-party complaints, and complaints from unaccompanied juveniles (though we prefer that juveniles involve their parents).

Immigrants who seek to file complaints will NOT be asked about their immigration status.

A complaint should be filed when you witness or experience a personal encounter with any law enforcement personnel that involves criminal conduct, misconduct, abusive or discriminatory behavior, neglect of duty, corrupt activity, inappropriate conduct, or a violation of rules and regulations.

Remember, the more information you provide about what happened, the better we can assist in addressing your concerns.

How Complaints are Investigated

The Professional Standards Bureau reviews all complaints. The complaints are then assigned to a supervisor. Upon completion and review of a thorough investigation, a final disposition is determined. A thorough investigation means interviewing all witnesses, reviewing internal records, and assessing the credibility of all claims.

What Can Complainants Expect

You will be notified of the disposition in writing after the investigation is completed. It will be sent by both certified and regular mail to the address you provide.

Investigations generally take 30 days to complete, depending on a number of factors.

You may be asked to testify in a criminal court or a Departmental hearing if the investigation upholds your allegation against the officer.

We appreciate your time in participating in the complaint and review process.

-Please call our Professional Standards Bureau at (862) 520-3700 to file an anonymous complaint or submit it via email at COMPLAINTS@njecpo.org.
The following forms can be used: